Low Tech vs. High Tech XML

But there is an easier way (some might say “cheesier” way). If you know that xml describes data, and an article or book chapter is just “loosely-structured data”, you can use that knowledge for a low-tech solution.

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I’ve been working on a way to export XML from OpenOffice.org that’s compatible with an InDesign workflow. You can download my initial solution from the Box.net widget. This is basically a transform that allows you to save a flat XML document. It works only if you have correctly styled all of your content using paragraph […]

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I’m Gregory Ledger. Currently I’m a senior Mac production artist for a publishing company in Illinois. I have been in the graphic arts industry for over 2t years. I’ve done writing, editing, designing, prepress, and now production art. I’m keen on solving problems and improving efficiency. I also like sharing my experience with others. My two current interests are Applescripting and XML. In my spare time (heh, heh), I like music festivals and concerts, exploring the wild food environs of Chicago, and learning more about information architecture.