Hello, World, Part 2

Hi, everyone,

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a fun side project, one where I could share ideas about improving production efficiency through scripting and XML. Turned out to be more work than I imagined. Just the SEO alone became another full time job. In fact, writing a blog is easy; getting someone to link to it so you can see yourself on Google is much, much harder.

One of the things that made me stop posting is that, after I wrote my XSL transform to convert Excel files to CALS tables, I wanted to write another to take care of tables with merged cells. In truth, I wasn’t ready. I had a lot more to learn about XSL and XPath before I could figure out that you don’t really need a recursive named template call to make an xml table: xsl:apply-templates method has recursion built in. I made a filter for OpenOffice.org Writer docs to export its tables as CALS, and in the not-too-far future, I’ll be adapting it for Excel. You’ll be able to download it.

One thing that has really helped is the Bob Boiko YouTube channel, in which the world-reknowned content management expert posts videos on information structures, XML, Schemas, and transforms in a way that is completely understandable. If you need clarity on all this XML business, this channel can provide it.

So, this blog is going back to its roots: fun for me, helpful to you. You can comment if you like, and I can answer if I like. (It doesn’t mean I don’t care about your issue if I don’t answer you. But some questions take hours of research, coding, and testing, and I probably don’t have the time to invest in it. Sorry in advance.)

My sincere appreciation to all those who have visited this site. When it’s fun, it really is fun, and I hope you have fun in life too.


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